Why Use Computer Recycling?


Trusted, Compliant, and Accountable

Computer Recycling LLC has a strong track record of providing comprehensive, flexible and cost effective electronics recovery and recycling services to both global and local OEMs, businesses, organizations and government departments.


Reasons to choose Computer Recycling LLC:

  • Trusted – 20 Years of Global and National experience with logistics, tracking, on-line reporting and the best over-all ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Maximizing value – our recovery, reuse and recycling options ensure you receive maximum value from your end of life IT, communications and electronic assets
  • Compliant – we hold all required global and local licenses, permits and certifications
  • National and Global Logistics  – Spanning five continents with extensive support from our own logistics and partners with proven track record in E-Stewards and R2 certifications can make any project happen.
  • Leaders – leading the way in sustaining valuable resources
  • Ethical and track-able – full asset tracking to ensure your equipment is always handled responsibly, real-time on-line reporting for all clients.
  • Data secure – government standard data destruction methods, including On-site shredding.
  • Cost-effective – continuous investment and resale-ability of all  technology, our processes ensures high rates of recovery and cost effective solutions and ROI’s
  • Secure – Our parent company Computer Recycling LLC. makes data security and safety our #1 priority above all else.
  • Health and safety culture – Our ISO14001 certification along with our E-Steward and R2 certified facility   ensures a safety culture that makes sure the health and safety to our clients and employees is never compromised.